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Monarchs of the Glen

Walkers Cycling Club launched their King of the Mountains (KoM) contest on Saturday 1st April.

The six-week challenge runs until May 15, taking in seven of Ayrshire’s iconic hill climbs.

Prizes will be awarded to the male and female riders who achieve the highest position over seven climbs in two categories – aggregate time and combined time, measured in Strava segments.

See Facebook group for details – members only event.

Club  Spring Classic

The club’s annual spring classic ride will take place on Saturday April 22nd, 2017.

Under the conductor’s baton of Stuart McLean, the ride will take the same format as last year and will be an “any which way you can” ride.

This simple system involved riders all converging on a central point for lunch, and once again the lunch meeting point will be Nardini’s in Largs at 1pm.

Riders are encouraged to get there any which way they can –  i.e. by whatever route they want and at whatever speed they want.  Last year saw some two dozen people taking part in two groups – one covering 40 miles and the other a more leisurely paced 20.

The aim of the event is to provide a socially-orientated day but one which allows riders to ride at their own pace.

Details to follow on the Club’s Facebook Group Events page.

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