Braveheart 2011

The 2011 Braveheart ride saw  a plethora of  pedallers from Walkers take to their road bikes to plough the distance for this very deserving charity fund despite concerns that the later date may bring poor weather with it.

Some two dozen brave Walkers hearts arrived at the St Joseph’s start point in uncharacteristically sunny weather for early November.  Although no-one (not even Laura) was foolhardy enough to wear shorts, layers of jersey were shed before the start as the temperature soared to a massive 12C. (believe me, that’s warm for early November in Kilmarnock 😉 ).  That the sunshine followed them round the entire route enhanced what was already a friendly and relaxed event.

Most riders undertook the longer ride of 44miles but a handful of others, including David and Jane Belding on their tandem, opted for the 20mile route.  All completed their chosen ride successfully – some at a fast pace and others at a more leisurely speed.

This is not an easy option route by any stretch of the imagination, especially the undulating (i.e. hilly) sections in and around Neilston.  And it is an immense act of sadism on the part of the race organisers to have the route conclude with the travesty of a traverse of the “killer Clunch” Road.  But  everyone survived and seemed strong enough to devour several cakes at the end of the ride.

Well done to the bunch. Roll on the 2012 event.