Cyclocross November 17th

Despite the horrible wet & very strong wind conditions 6 folk showed up for the cyclo x training this week. The meeting point was the Big Idea car park in Irvine and the destination Irvine Moor for some needed practice at the cyclists v runners race course next month.  Once actually on the moor the group were sheltered from the worst of the weather conditions for most of the route, although they did suffer for this when they were heading down the race course into the wind on each of their laps.  Water works in Irvine meant the race route from previous years had been altered so instead of a wee steep incline, the course was interrupted by a large sand banking. Fine if you were in the long legged group – Neil, Dan & Scott K but a bit more of an obstacle for the shorted legged folk – Anna & Catherine. Somewhere in the single track Russell, Catherine, Anna & Dan lost the other half of the group and found themselves fighting the jaggy bushes as they made their way over the moor. Once regrouped they all completed several laps of the course, with Scott giving everyone a bit of a laugh by finding the same big hole in the dip in the single track on each lap ( it’s difficult to see in the dark) and Neil giving everyone a wee welcome break with the only puncture of the night. The strong wind had it benefits for the 3 folk cycling home. This meant the return journey home was pretty fast with relatively little effort. Another good night’s training this time without the usual mud.