Meadowmill Cyclo X Race 27th Nov

by Catherine Logan

8 Walkers Cycling Club members took part in Edinburgh Road Clubs cyclo cross race at Meadowmill Sports Centre, Prestonpans.  First off was the women’s & juniors race with  Anna Walkers and Catherine Logan starring for Walkers. Neither was seeded so they started near the back of the field.  Nor did they see much of each other during the race as Anna battled Morvern Brown from Dales Cycles and Catherine battled with Ainsley Turbitt from Glasgow United. Anna was neck & neck with Morvern for most of the race but eventually, in the windy section, Morvern turned the screw and pulled away, leaving a gap which Anna could not close. Ainsley was much faster than Catherine through the muddy single track section but Catherine made ground on the fast grass section passing Ainsley.  The two women locked in a muddy and slippery neck and neck battle until the near the end of the second last lap when Catherine managed to pass Ainsley on the grass to open a gap that Ainsley did not manage to close.The veterans race feature Russell Mowat and Jim Goldie, with Russell having to  do quick repairs to a broken spoke and a tyre even before heading out to the start line. With 69 riders the start was congested and despite Russell having been working on his aggressive riding style, Jim got the better start. By the end of the second lap Russell was sitting on Jim’s back wheel and had to pass him, pulling out an impressive lead on him, from which Jim was unable to recover.  All this despite some spectacular earlier episodes of  falling off whilst dismounting for the muddy run up, getting up and still maintaining his lead on Russell.In the seniors race Neil Walker, Scott Kerr, Charles Vincent and John McCracken flew the flag for Walkers. The race was well attended and this perhaps resulted in a pile up at the back of the field, which fortunately none of the WCC members was involved with.  Throughout the race Neil battled with Andy Wardman setting some very quick lap times.  In the end Andy beat Neil by 2 places with only l second between them. Scott and Charles were also having a good ding dong until Charles got caught up in the aftermath of an accident with a spectator and another competitor, allowing Scott to increase his lead on him. While Charles and his bike were able to continue and complete the race, it is expected he will be rather sore tonight. John seemed to have an incident free race.

Final results:

Women’s race – Anna 10th, Catherine 11th
Vets – Russell Mowat 35th, Jim Goldie 47th
Seniors – Neil Walker 8th, Scott Kerr 31st, Charles Vincent 35th, John McCracken 46thWell done everyone.  This was a well organised race over a  great course. it may have been  cold and windy but remarkably it was dry for the first time this season and there was not a broken bike amongst the WCC contingent.