It sure don’t look like Kansas, Toto.

Neil Walker shows how to go MTBing in Paisley in a slight headwind without being transported to Oz.  

It was no weather for road riding tonight  but perfectly acceptable for MTBing. Despite nearly having any loose items of clothing blown away by the howling gale, 5 riders set off from the “car park in the sky” at Gleniffer Braes, admiring a panoramic view of Glasgow at night  – at least when you could look up between squalls.

Some new ground was covered, heading across to the Glen Park by way of some steep drops and stairs. Ride leader Neil Walker correctly identified the deepest wettest rut, dropping his front wheel to the axle and dismounting in kung-fu fashion! After re-tracing through the Glen Park, the 5 struggled up the steep climb in the headwind. A return to the car park was voted down 3 to 2, and the tough slog through the grass to Gleniffer Braes Road was tackled. The obstacles of the wall crossings were made very difficult by the wet, and the fact that the wind prevented adding any speed to get over them. The lighter riders in the group were blown from their bikes a couple of times!

Once over the road and on more familiar (and sheltered) trails, some fast muddy singletrack descending was enjoyed, as well as some slightly slower muddy singletrack climbing and flat.

All 5 safely made it back to the cars to get home to wash large quantities of thick, black mud from bikes, bodies and clothes.