First Club TT of the season gets off to good start

There was a great turn-out tonight of club members for the first TT of the season, writes Neil Walker. Riding in near perfect weather (ie not too cold and almost NO WIND), 16 riders set off from Grassyards Road and successfully completed a lap of the Moscow APR circuit. Well done everyone, and a big thanks to Laura, Fiona & Pete for the timekeeping & marshalling duties although there was momentary confusion as to whether Dan should be time-penalised for his impromptu weight-loss advantage one minute before the start. Hope Jim Goldie got a note of the number of the BMW that caused his record-breaking attempt to be put on hold until the next time. 😉

Actual Results
Charles Vincent 17.15
Scott Kerr 17.43
Neil Walker 17.45
Bryce Gillan 18.15
Daniel Howes 18.16
Tremayne Hodge 18.31
David Kaminski 19.00
Hamish Forsythe 19.10
Catherine Logan 19.18
Stuart McLean 19.23
Tommy Gribbon 20.59
Grant Walker 21.35
David Belding 21.38
Jim Raeside 21.56
Jim Goldie 21.59
Fiona Walker 22.42

Result on Handicap
Grant Walker 14.05
Scott Kerr 14.43
Jim Raeside 14.48
Charles Vincent 15.00
Hamish Forsythe 15.03
Bryce Gillan 15.15
David Kaminski 15.15
Daniel Howes 15.16
Tremayne Hodge 15.53
Catherine Logan 15.56
Fiona Walker 15.57
Neil Walker 16.15
Stuart McLean 16.23
David Belding 17.30
Tommy Gribbon 17.37
Jim Goldie 18.14