Halloween Howler indeed

Russell Mowat writes about last Sunday’s cyclocross event run by Thomson’s Cycles at Gleniffer Braes.  You may pick up that it wasn’t a very nice day weather-wise. 🙂

Well, it was mega: mega wet, mega muddy, mega long lap, mega cold, mega wet, mega windy. To add to the challenge, the terrain had a lot of stone beneath the surface. This meant that as you ploughed through the mud you could feel the bike hitting stones giving rise to the constant thought of punctures. Features on the course included mud, a ford through a burn, a muddy drainage ditch, mud, an old fallen wall, mud, high hurdles, mud, low hurdles – all amongst the natural rolling and rocky landscape which was pretty much covered in…erm…mud.

We had two Finlays – Wheeler and Walker – in the children’s race and young Grace Walker managed a lap as well, while revelling in the fact that Daddy was getting muddy rather than her.  Russell Mowat, Stuart McLean, Scott Russell, Steven Lockhart and Robert Earp  took part in the Vets event, with Anna Walker, Fiona Walker & Fiona Wallace in the women’s.  Scott Kerr & Keith Johnson flew the Walkers flag in the seniors on a course which had been by that time well churned up by the previous riders and then filled up by some torrential rain.

As for the Vets, Stuart was just pipped for a  place in the top ten, Scott was going well until he punctured and had to withdraw, Russell and Robert continued to struggle round and Steven Lockhart did well in his first cross ride of the season not too far behind. Due to the length of the lap all of the vets did the same number of laps as the leader which makes for a tough day.

In the ladies Anna rode strongly (7th lady) to lead the Walkers ladies home and also won the scariest fancy dress. Fiona Walker survived to the end and Fiona Wallace managed a finish in her first ever cross event. She certainly chose a tough event and continued to the end despite a mechanical issue with the gears on her bike. At this point I scarpered due to the cold before the Seniors race but I believe that Keith managed eighth place  while poor Scott K also had to withdraw with a mechanical.

Other Walkers members present included Neil Walker and Catherine Logan who cycled there to spectate and support  (are they mad?-Ed), and Euan Clelland who was providing the very welcome catering from the relative dry of the Grange Catering tent.

Apparently we do this for fun.
now this is what you’d call hard core cyclocross.
Russell MegaMowat