Seven Walkers club members took part in the Strava January Base Miles Challenge over the past month and clocked up a whopping 3345 miles between them. Strava is one of the major online recording systems for those who like to keep a note of their mileage and other data. This challenge was simply for participants to beat the winter blues by riding as much as possible, whether as actual miles or as trainer miles. With such a venture likely to favour those who live in sunnier climes and/or those with a lot of free time, the totals raised by the Walkers contingent is good, especially as nearly a thousand of those miles were cycled by one member.

Says super-cyclist Drew Thomson, whose 958 miles contributed significantly to the Walkers’ total: ” I try to cycle everywhere I can these days as I am training for a couple of major events. I hadn’t used Strava before but it seemed like a bit of fun and as I was doing the miles anyway, I thought I might as well get into the spirit of the event. My coach also recommended it so he can get a more accurate idea of what I’ve been up to.”

During his exploit, Drew cycled an average of 230miles a week and racked up a massive 38,500 feet of climbing. His overall position in the event was 1376th out of 36343 world-wide participants. The eventual winner of the event – an Australian from Adelaide – notched up 3,871 miles. Drew’s next challenges are to cycle all of the 7 Stanes red routes plus the distances between each venue in under 24hours. Then he will go straight into training for Rovaniemi 150 – a 150km mountain bike race in the Artic. His efforts in the Strava January Base Miles Challenge will have provided an excellent training foundation to work from.

Other Walkers members who took part were Fiona Wallace (753miles), Jim Goldie (410miles), Lorna Sloan (402miles), Martin Wheeler (361 miles), Laura McFarlane (237miles) and Neil Walker (216miles).

With the name coming from the Swedish word Strava – “I strive”, quite clearly the Walkers participants have all striven extremely well.