In a day of mixed fortunes, 6 Walkers Cycling Club pairs took part in Fullarton Wheelers annual Icebreaker 2-Up Time Trial event yesterday writes Fiona Wallace. Run over the stretch of the A78 between Eglinton Park and the Dundonald Camp roundabout, this ten mile road race involves speed and teamwork, and an ability not to swear at the morons in Subarus that try to pass you on the wrong side.First off for the Walkers contingent was the novice pairing of Paula Wilson and Fiona Wallace. Although they have never ridden together before, they managed to get the teamwork aspect almost to perfection with both riders doing their fair share at the front. Paula’s high level of fitness gained through years of running with Kilmarnock Harrier & AC has certainly stood her in good stead in her transition to cycling. Although theirs was the Lanterne Rouge position in the event, their finish time was a creditable 34minutes and with a bit of practice in generating more speed, this could be a decent pairing over time. David Belding and Martin Kuhn were next off and were doing very well until David suffered a rear wheel blow out around the 7-mile mark. They were not the only pairing to suffer this fate as they were soon followed by Charles Vincent, whose partner Neil Walker opted to go ahead and ride solo, and then later by Grant Walker who was partnering David Kaminski. Since both Charles and Grant punctured virtually on the Start line, the three pairings got little from their day other than a Did Not Finish and a share of the very generous quantity of sandwiches and cakes the Fullarton guys and gals had laid on. But at least Neil and Charles got the chance to ride the course solo and see how their early season training is paying off.

This left the pairings of Laura McFarlane/Darren Ridout and Catherin Logan/Russell Mowat to fly the flag for Walkers. They did this very admirably with Catherine and Russell completing in 25minutes and 57seconds and Laura and Darren (another scratch partnership) coming home in 28minutes 2seconds.

Despite its name, the race was ridden in decent weather conditions with a generous and unexpected amount of cool sunshine. The headwind certainly favoured the early starters as it got stronger as the morning progressed but even at that it was relatively mild. Despite the puncture casualties it was a reasonably good day for Walkers Cycling Club as it showed that there are a good number of newcomers coming through to complement the stalwarts. This can only be a positive for the future. And no, we’re not giving our Lanterne Rouge back if we improve to the point of not being last next year. 😉

Photo: Calum Ridout

Perfect teamwork from Darren and Laura
Perfect teamwork from Darren and Laura