Time is of the essence

Neil Walker reports on the first TT of the season.

Another arctic Tuesday, another low turnout for the club road ride. Hang on, wait a minute, there were actually a grand total of 22 riders out to take part in the first of the 2013 Handicap TT Series, along with 3 volunteer timekeepers & marshals!

As a single-lap of Marine Drive was voted to be too intensive for March, the riders faced a two lap, 7 mile effort instead. The sub zero temperatures, and cutting easterly wind made for tough conditions though, freezing hands, feet, faces and lungs.

First man off Darren Ridout suffered a puncture whilst going well, and had to walk back. 3 new club members took part, and acquitted themselves particularly well, and special mention goes to Bryce Gillan for his sub 20 minute time on his new TT bike, and Jim Goldie & Lorna Sloan also put in excellent times, showing the benefit of their “secret training”

Actual Times

Neil Walker 00:17:59
Charles Vincent 00:18:48
Bryce Gillan 00:19:20
Jim Goldie 00:20:21
Sandy Muir 00:20:27
Scott Kerr 00:20:33
Lorna Sloan 00:21:18
Tommy Gribbon 00:21:22
David Kaminski 00:21:24
David Knox 00:21:38
Kevin Gebbie 00:21:44
Catherine Logan 00:22:03
Calum Ridout 00:22:09
Russell Mowat 00:22:36
Laura McFarlane 00:22:45
David Belding 00:22:54
Jim Raeside 00:23:11
Peter Forsythe 00:23:41
Barry Garner 00:24:00
Mark Haine 00:24:03
Martin Kuhn 00:24:09
Darren Ridout DNF

Times on Handicap

Lorna Sloan 00:15:42
David Knox 00:16:02
Bryce Gillan 00:16:32
Sandy Muir 00:16:36
Jim Raeside 00:16:53
Jim Goldie 00:17:12
Neil Walker 00:17:17
Scott Kerr 00:17:24
Charles Vincent 00:17:45
Laura McFarlane 00:17:51
David Kaminski 00:17:54
Tommy Gribbon 00:18:13
David Belding 00:18:21
Russell Mowat 00:18:24
Barry Garner 00:18:24
Mark Haine 00:18:27
Catherine Logan 00:18:33
Kevin Gebbie 00:18:35
Calum Ridout 00:18:39
Peter Forsythe 00:19:29
Martin Kuhn 00:20:18
Darren Ridout DNF

A big thanks to everyone who took part, and especially John, Donald and Fraser for helping out! Next Month’s TT is on a decidely different course, 10 miles over the Eaglesham Moor – bring your midge nets!