Magnum Force

Speed work is the theme of a weekly Thursday night cycle at Marine Drive, Irvine writes Alan Woodison

Our weekly Walkers CC chain gang/group riding session attracted five, three members setting out from Kilmaurs and two meeting up at the Magnum start point.

The group rode strongly, but at a controlled pace over the first lap and a half. The tempo was ramped up a little after this and continued to rise as the group entered lap three. After this Darren Wood and Jim Goldie pulled out to let the others battle it out in earnest over the final lap.

The three riders were on top form as they made their way around the 3.5mile circuit and, with the finish line in sight, Steve Cowan managed to summon up a final burst of speed to cross the line first.

The Thursday night sessions are great ways for riders to develop speed and skills linked to riding in a group. The pace can be quite high in all groups, normally around 20mph in the first group away, but up towards 25mph in the scratch group.

All Walkers CC members are invited to take part in the Marine Drive sessions. The start time at Kilmaurs is 7pm with a meet-up at 7.30pm in the layby just up from the Magnum.