Summer seemed to arrive for Tuesday evening’s club ride and 13 club members arrived at the shop for the 7.30pm start, writes Jim Goldie.

After a short discussion it was decided to head towards Troon via Dundonald and over the hill towards Loans.

The group pace was controlled by Catherine and Julie as the group travelled towards Crosshouse and then into Gatehead. The main body of the group navigated the couple of speed bumps, but Princess Julie managed to get a pinch flat on the final bump. Julie had her inner tube, but no levers or pump to repair the puncture. After a few fluttery eyelashes in the direction of those with the appropriate equipment (ooh err) the tyre was fixed and the wheel back on the bike.

Dundonald Hill was the next challenge for the group and as the group strtung out on the accent of the hill, young rider Keiran suffered a slight injury to his hip, which seemed to subside after a short stop and stretch, Keiran will now be known as Keiran “The Hip”.

Given the stops enforced on the group, the ride was cut a little short and the group, led by Scott Kerr and Bryce Gillan. The pace was high as the group made the most of the westerly breeze. As the group crested the final hill and the 30 signpost came into view, Scott Kerr opened up and pushed away from most of the group, only to be pipped at the post by Jim Goldie. (Author’s rights)

The ride then descended towards Gatehead and the roads back up into Kilmaurs. Keiran “The Hip” was on top form as he took the two 30 sprints on the homeward journey. A little over 23 miles for the main group, with the additional miles to and from the shop, giving many just under 30 miles.

It is encouraging to see so many out on a Tuesday night, as this allows the club ride to progress at suitable pace. Just a reminder that the club meet at 7.30pm every Tuesday evening for this ride. The ride is steady to fast. For more details see the guidance on the Club Rides page.