Out of Puff? Hopefully not.

The final countdown has begun for the members of Walkers Cycling Club who are taking part in the 2016 Strathpuffer mountain biking marathon.

Walkers will be represented for the first time in all categories with one individual entrant, one pair, one quad and one team of 10. The selection of team members has been confirmed and the realisation that the tough, round-the-clock cycling challenge is due in a week or so finally sunk in at a weekend briefing session.

The months of preparation since the entries were submitted in July have now run out and the finishing touches are taking place to everyone’s training plans. For some this will be their first experience of Puffer, others have provide support in the past but never raced and some are seasoned pros who will there to enjoy the race but also keep the rookies right. The back-up and facilities from club members means that the teams heading up to compete this year will be well equipped and ready for the punishment ahead.

The full squad will be making the journey to Strathpeffer on Friday, January 22, to set up base camp and settle in ahead of the race starting at 10am the next day.

The teams are: Individual – Drew Thomson; Pair – Alan Murray and Robbie Sangha (co-opted); Quad – Ainslie Thomson, James Sapwell, Glenn Husband and Sarah Melville (with support from Sam Lynch); Mixed 10 – Faye Murfet, Davie Robb, John Walker, Fiona Walker, Paul Nix, Zoe Nix, Ian Mcalindon, Rupert Vidion, Mark Hornby (co-opted) and David Sherlock (co-opted).

Good luck, folks.


Poor weather?  What poor weather?