Record Breaker

TT specialist David Baird broke the club record to take the win on last Tuesday’s 10-mile challenge on the Chapeltoun-Irvine course.

Thirteen starters lined up for the second in a six-event summer time trial series confined to members of Walkers Cycling Club.

Baird stormed to a fantastic 23.10 time on a chilly and breezy night ahead of club chairman Frazer Bell in second with a PB of 25.15.

Also celebrating were the only two female entrants – Lorna Sloan and Lorna Todd – who topped the handicappers’ list.

Actual times: David Baird 00:23:10, Frazer Bell 00:25:15, Bryce Gillan 00:25:52, Calum Ridout 00:26:07, Brian McCutcheon 00:27:25, Davie Robb 00:27:31, Sandy Muir 00:27:34, Lorna Sloan 00:27:41, Midge Gaskin 00:27:41, Simon Porter 00:27:47, Lorna Todd 00:27:54, Kevin Gebbie 00:28:55.

Times on handicap: Lorna Sloan 00:21:11, Lorna Todd 00:21:24, Davie Robb 00:21:31, Calum Ridout 00:21:37, Frazer Bell 00:21:45, Brian McCutcheon 00:21:55, Sandy Muir 00:22:04, David Baird 00:22:10, Simon Porter 00:22:47, Kevin Gebbie 00:22:55, Midge Gaskin 00:23:11, Bryce Gillan 00:23:52.

Top three after two rounds: Davie Robb (80), Lorna Sloan (80), Brian McCutcheon (78).

The next event is the Corraith circuit TT (5 miles) on Tuesday, May 3.David Baird