Speed sessions take off

Roadworks and temporary traffic lights resulted in a change of route for the Walkers CC riders on speed training duties at Marine Drive, Irvine, last Thursday writes Alan Woodison.

Ten riders tackled the longer route, up from 3.5miles a lap to 5.5miles per lap. The first circuit was treated as a warm-up, allowing all the riders to take a turn on the front. New man Bill Gerrie was credited for his first-time efforts at holding the wheel and taking a spell in front, no mean feat when the group had set an exceptionally brisk pace over the first five miles.

Given the size of the group it was decided to chain the next two laps, which had a dramatic effect on the pace as riders were shelled out the back throughout the second lap. With only five riders starting the final lap, the pace ramped up again, with Tim Dyer, Ian Anderson and Scott Kerr piling the power on the pedals. Jim Goldie popped out the back after a mile or so and was followed about ten seconds later by Frazer Bell.

As the leader went round the Gailes roundabout Ian and Tim made a long push for home and Scott had to drop off the pace. In a battle of wills, Ian and Tim remained together for the rest of the lap.

The session went well and everyone worked hard over the three laps. The new route allowed riders to turn early and rejoin a group at some point.

The club are delighted that more than 20 riders have shown up for the Marine Drive sessions over the past three weeks.

Nine club members met at the shop in Kilmaurs earlier in the week for the first planned Tuesday night ride of 2016. The group worked well together to set a steady, but challenging pace on the way through Kilmarnock. Out over the hills on a familiar club route, they pedalled on towards Moscow and downhill to Galston, the ups and downs quickly getting legs burning.

Out towards Sorn and then a bit of cross country riding on the back roads, the group dropped into Bellfield, with young Ciaran Kirkpatrick taking the coveted sprint for the 30 sign from lead-out man Jim Goldie.

A couple of riders peeled off in Kilmarnock, leaving the rest to make their way out towards Caprington and Earlston, where some leg-pulling between the two leaders proved entertaining.

The total ride of just over 30 miles, at an average speed of 17.5mph, gave everyone a good steady workout on a great night for being out on the bike.