Crossing into the new season

Cyclocross nationally is enjoying a major resurgence as a cycling discipline these days. This was clearly shown at the local level when 19 riders braved the rain to attend the first of Walkers Cycling Club’s CX skills sessions on Wednesday evening.

The sessions  take place in a number of different locations around Kilmaurs depending on what skill is being focused on in the particular session.

Wednesday’s session, headed up by  Jim Goldie and Neil Walker concentrated on the basics since it was the first night back.  The group did a warm up ride around the park, taking in some off-camber sections and tree roots. Then the riders had some fun in a game, the idea of which is to make the other riders dab or go outside the marked area, whilst not dabbing yourself. There was some assertive/ aggressive riding and a couple of falls, but no injuries and everyone had fun.

After this, the riders were split into two groups; one dealing with the basics of coming off and running beside your bike, and the second dealing with more complex skills, under the leadership of Neil.

This was followed with some start practice in pairs or groups of three and four. Another more complex ride around the park was followed by some high gear accelerations, which proved very challenging for everyone concerned.

The 19 participants covered an age range from 7 to 50 years, with the youngsters not at all daunted by the presence of older and more experienced riders.   All enjoyed a great mix of experience and a fun session.  

A massive well done to everyone who had never done this before. Things are looking great for the forthcoming cross season.

skills 1


If you are interested in coming along to one of these sessions, the group meets at Walkers Cycling shop, Kilmaurs at 7.30pm.