Old Bike Pals Act

Bike shop boss Neil Walker knew exactly who to turn to when a vital cable snapped on his prized Kinesis cyclocross racing machine on Sunday.

The Team North Sports/Kinesis rider was left without a working bike after the electric gear wire snagged on undergrowth as he cycled away from the sign-in point at Dunbar.

Neil, a member of Walkers Cycling Club, was down for the seniors A race in the third round of the Super Quaich CX Series on the east coast Foxlake course. This was the main race of the day, following the B race in which neighbour and fellow club member Brian McCutcheon had just taken part.

The two got talking about Neil’s predicament and were soon shaking hands on a bike loan arrangement.

Finding his way round the lightweight Kinesis was easy enough for Neil, and so were the negotiations, for the borrowed bike was actually his old one – until he sold it to Brian last month!

Part of the deal was that Neil would sort a flat tyre and replace the brake pads that had resulted from the bike’s tough stint in Brian’s race. The other part was a promise to service the bike in time for the last cyclocross meeting of the season at Boness next week.

The super bike went on to do the business. Neil finished a commendable 13th, beating some top riders as well as current Scottish V40 champion Gary McRae. Brian also did well, finishing 9th in a field of 100, a great performance for a rider facing V50 classification next month.