2-Up TT cuts no ice.

Sixteen Walkers riders competing as eight pairs took part in Fullarton Wheelers’ annual 2-Up TT last Sunday  on a route  from Eglinton roundabout to Meadowhead roundabout on the A78.

This event has earned the name “Icebreaker”, partly because it is  traditionally the first one in the new year’s TT calendar, but also partly because in previous years the route has almost literally featured ice to break.

Not so this time, as an unexpected mild spell combined with a sizeable drop in the windspeed,  meant that the race was run in as much near-perfect conditions as you’d get at this time of year.

Plaudits of the day went to David Baird and Ian Anderson, who finished in 21:08, allowing Ian to collect the fastest vets’ prize.

But for one Walkers rider, the event had an even deeper significance.

Rebecca Murdoch was competing in her first ever time trial event, and despite many
pre-race nerves, she did extremely well to notch up a sub-30 minutes time.  Although the cry of “Never again!” was heard at the end of the race, Rebecca’s performance was a great result and one which she is now determined to better.

Said Rebecca:

“I started cycling mainly as a means of getting fit, and  I had no real ambition to enter competitions. My partner also cycles, so I spent the majority of 2016 attending Time Trials to support him and watching Cyclocross races. Having enjoyed the atmosphere and buzz of the events I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and enter the FWCC 2up Time Trial with the skilled Fiona Walker.

My main focus of cycling has been Cyclocross as there is always someone to have a battle against within the field.  Plus with the format of cyclocross racing I never felt like people saw me as being last. However, entering a time trial it was just myself against the clock.  This was nerve racking and truly was a baptism of fire. I have ridden more than 10 miles before on routine bike rides, but not at this consistency or effort. I am glad I had Fiona’s experience to encourage me and keep me focused.

Once finished I vowed never to ride another one again – you may have heard me screaming this out as I crossed the finish line.  It wasn’t long, however, before I wanted to enter more events to better my time on Sunday.”

Her team-mate, Fiona Walker,  commented:

“Rebecca did really well for her first TT. I had set us a goal of breaking 30 minutes, and although Rebecca wasn’t convinced  we could achieve that,  we managed 29:33! She really pushed herself and even managed to take a couple of spells on the front.”

The 2-Up event is always very well organised and is equally well supported by local riders. Often regarded as the province of younger male riders, the Icebreaker has shown that time trialling is achievable by a wide range of cyclists. Indeed one of the Walkers pairings in Sunday’s event notched up a combined age of nearly 115.

Rebecca is a great example of someone who has the determination and ability to give this area of competitive cycling a  good  go.  She finished by offering some words of encouragement to others who are in two minds about competing:

“I would urge anyone interested to give them a go. Maybe join a local club and try club confined events.”

note:  Walkers Cycling Club has just announced its club confined TT series dates – you can find details of these on our Top Story page.


Rebecca storms ahead at the front.  Photo courtesy of Iona Fisher
Other Walkers pairings in action.   Photos courtesy of Iona Fisher

Missing from pictures – Laura McFarlane and Darren Ridout