Have a go

There was a major success for one Walkers Cycling Club member on Saturday as she tried her hand at triathlon for the first time.

Fiona Wallace headed across the water for the inaugural “have a go” triathlon event in Dunoon on Saturday.

Fiona had to swim 400 metres at the Hunter’s Quay village pool, cycle for 22 km and run for six km along the scenic shore road from Dunoon to Innellan.

A regular cyclist, Fiona was confident of achieving a good time on the bike and indeed did manage a creditable 13.5 miles in just under 40 minutes despite heavy rain. She was delighted to be third fastest female in the cycling leg.

The swimming and running sections were more of a challenge. Although she has swum all her life, Fiona has never really pushed herself beyond doing a handful of lengths as a relaxation after other sporting occasions or while relaxing on holiday.  As a result she found the swim leg against the clock fairly difficult.

“It wasn’t because I couldn’t do the distance,” she laughed. “It was because with the weird times when I go swimming I usually have a flat calm pool all to myself. I hadn’t factored in a choppy pool caused by seven other bodies at a time all trying to go fast and creating quite a swell.”

Fiona has also benefitted from some help with her running skills.  “I am not a natural runner, so I have to thank my PT Gavin and also my friend Jill who both tolerated my slowness while out on training runs.  I’ve got it to more than just a shuffle now, but it would be a long stretch of the imagination to consider myself a proper runner.”

Said Fiona: “This event was all about seeing how far I could push myself and I think I met that challenge well.”

The event, the first of its kind in Dunoon, attracted 60 participants, most of them novices or tri enthusiasts looking for an event that was more fun than competitive.

Fiona, from Elderslie, has vowed to return next year to try and beat her times, no doubt with her mascot, Wee Jinky, in her back pocket again.