A life of pie

On a windless and sunny September Saturday morning, Walkers CC overcame the hurdles of being two riders down to regain the coveted Georgetown Pie.

For those not in the know, the Georgetown Pie is a legend in the arena of West of Scotland cycling awards.  Never mind that the team time trial, run over the iconic Georgetown Road route, attracts top teams from across Scotland. Never mind that there are plenty of other prizes for those teams who come in first, second and third. Never mind that many top riders are on show.  No. The ultimate accolade is always that apple pie which is, quite literally, the icing on the cake for the team that comes in …


But apart from that …

The Georgetown Cup attracts around 200 riders from across Scotland. As with most TTs, it offers riders a chance to test themselves against others as well as allowing them to better previous years’ times.  Walkers CC has supported the event for several years, but has always found itself up against stiff competition for the top places.

Despite that, the team riders put up decent individual performances, but the sheer pressure from the top riders meant that a podium finish was out of reach.

Ah well.  It’s the taking part that counts.  Now who wants to help take part in eating this pie?

Individual times:
Frazer Bell:      17.00
Darren Ridout:  19.01
Laura McFarlane:  19.47
Fiona Walker:   20.06
Martin Kuhn:   20.19
John Donnell: 21.05
Russell Mowat:  21.46