Triple Crown Midge

Concerns about water-solubility led to a smaller than normal turnout for the conclusion of the Walkers Cycling Club Handicap TT Series – a short blast up the East side of Dundonald Hill.

Those who braved the conditions benefited hugely though, with Midge Gaskin taking the triple crown, winning on actual time, handicap, and the overall series win (best 5 rounds from 7 counting). Ian Anderson just pipped Chris Shields into 3rd place overall.

The competition has been very tight at the top and it could easily have gone to any one of a handful of riders.   In the words of the man who took the title: “Wow wasn’t expecting that! It’s been close competition all the way to the end.  And it’s always  been good fun and worth turning up for.”

A big well done to everyone who took park, and a big thanks to everyone who has helped out over the season!