Maxed up for Mull

Three of Walkers Cycling Club’s most enthusiastic members set of in early morning darkness on Saturday for another round of cyclocross racing – this time across the water in Mull.

The event was round five in the Scottish Cyclocross Series, held in the grounds of Glengorm Castle, north of Tobermory.

To get there on time with miles of travel and a ferry to catch, the intrepid trio left Ayrshire at 4.30am.

Delusions of grandeur had clearly affected their thinking because the three psyched-up cyclists took with them … six bikes, four spare wheels, two pressure washers, water barrels with 25 gallons of the stuff and a handy sack barrow.

Onlookers would be forgiven for thinking that, with all this kit these must be classy riders going to a top flight event. Not quite!

Russell Mowat and Brian McCutcheon raced in the vet 50 males category with Brian finishing 11th and Russell managing 15th. The juniors also raced with the vet 50s and young Harry McGarvie rode well to an excellent second place in the category.

Next up was the vet 40 race, with Walkers represented by Lindsay McGarvie (33rd).  In the seniors race Walkers were represented by Scott Kerr (11th), but top Ayrshire rider was Brian Yates (7th) of Carrick Cycle Club. Brian and Russell reciprocated the pit duties for this pair in payback for their earlier support.

As with many island activities Mull CX is not like mainland CX. According to the Walkers over-equipped threesome: “The scenery is in a different league, the course was unique and the temperature was cold. Very VERY cold.”


24991200_10155301913758178_151589924265744952_n (2)
Russell Mowat swings along the mountains of Mull.     Image courtesy of Eoghan Maguire