Seeing out the, erm, only old by number

Sunday 30 December saw a landmark birthday for club Honorary President, club founder, guru and all-round jolly good fellow as John Walker celebrated his sixty-tenth birthday.

The occasion was marked not only by a family day but also with an evening party along with many of his friends and fellow cyclists.

And to show that age really only is a number, John got a bran noo MTB for his birthday. And unsurprisingly, it has already been broken in.

Daughter Fiona mentioned in her informal speech at the party that she fully expects John now to be a regular feature in the Masters events across the country. She also pointed out that one of the beauties of 2019 will be that John’s main competition have now moved up to the higher age group so we should all expect great things of him.

And knowing John that is a very likely scenario indeed.

Happy birthday, John, and may the miles stretch out before you for many more to come.