Seeing out the old …

Seven intrepid riders – four chaps and three ladies – from the club finished off the year by undertaking the 58km Glentrool Big Country Loop.

Although it could be reasonably expected that the course might be snow-covered at this time of year, the riders found themselves in almost tropical winter temperatures of 10C. And despite a few black clouds overhead, the day was relatively rain-free.

High on a hill …
What d’ya mean “Did I bring the map?”
David and Sharon being followed by a nekkid Christmas tree.

John McCracken’s 2018 mega-miles had obviously paid off.  With over 10,000 Kilometres in his legs this year, he was able to fly up the hills like a youngster.  In his wake were David Hamilton, who was trying out his new bike, and Davie Robb who gets the prize for riding a single speed all day despite the lumpy terrain.

Riders from as far away as Northern Ireland were able to hear Gavin Turnbull as he made his way round such was the noise from a very squeaky brake.

And of course the day would not have been complete without some cheery banter from the three degrees – Anne Davie, Jan Templeton and Sharon Lindsay.  But despite her sweet and genlte exterior, Anne’s competitive streak got the better of her as she insisted on finishing off the ride with some laps of the carpark to ensure she and Gavin finished off the year on the same distance ridden.

In general a great day was had by all with, surprisingly but delightfully,  no mechanicals whatsoever.