The beginning of a new cycle

Walkers Cycling Club has put all activities on hold for the time being. But it will be back in business when the period of lockdown is over and, at that stage, members are hoping to welcome many of the people who have recently taken up cycling, or returned to cycling.

Cycling is still permitted during the current restrictions. There is no reason for you to stop cycling, as long as you maintain guidance on social distancing. That means avoiding unnecessary social contact, as well as keeping a safe distance of at least two metres from others. Visits to public places should also be avoided to limit exposure to infection.

The government is encouraging us all to keep cycling for both physical and mental health reasons. The thinking is that two-wheel excursions get us out and about, occupy the greater free time we have, provide us with fresh air and stimulation and allow us to maintain contact with other people without being in over-close proximity to them.

Cycling Scotland say that the coronavirus controls have prompted a huge rise in cycling across Scotland. Automatic counters at 60 locations found that the number of cyclists out on the roads and on bike paths had more than doubled. The rise in one place was 215 per cent.

People are using their free time to do what they perhaps have been talking about doing for years. Redundant bikes have been dusted down and suddenly brought into service. Bike sharing in families has also given everyone a chance to saddle up and get outdoors in the spring sunshine. More than ever before, people are thinking seriously about their health and well-being – and taking the view that cycling is an easy and enjoyable route to big lifestyle changes.

Walkers Cycling Club extends an invitation to anyone who wishes to maintain some of the fun and fitness they have experienced in recent months. Come and join others on a club bike ride – you can decide on the type of terrain, flat or hilly, coast or farmland, then choose the routes you want to follow and the distance you would prefer to pedal. Membership is largely based around Kilmarnock and Irvine and there is a healthy balance of males and females participating in club activities.

This website will give you an idea of what we do. Walkers is a small club but it has a big commitment to encouraging participation in a wide range of cycling disciplines. Have a look round the site. If you’re interested and want to know more, email our secretary Fiona Walker on For anyone with a desire to start on a simple exercise regime, it could be the best move they’ve ever made.

Club awayday in less fraught times. And with sunshine.