Cyclocross at Walkers CC

Cyclocross racing is a great grass-roots form of cyclesport.  Up to an hour’s racing – featuring short (5-10 minute) laps on surfaces comprising  a mixture of grass, mud, gravel, tarmac, oh and sometimes sand!.  Cyclocross is a great way to stay fit through the winter months and is an enjoyable way to get into racing in a low key environment.

Cyclocross bikes are a combination of road and hybrid bikes – drop handlebars, but with lower gearing and clearance for larger, grippier tyres.  They are very versatile, being fast on tarmac yet capable of covering rough terrain with ease. Often you will find riders using their cross bikes for commuting, touring and winter road use as well as ‘cross racing.

Walkers Cycling Club runs regular training rides for Cyclocross from August to December, catering for all abilities.  We also field some 10+ riders at every round of the Scottish Cyclocross Series.  Walkers Cycling Club also organises a round of the SCX Series every year at Irvine Beach Park – a course that features grass riding, a little bit of whin track and some mud.  Oh, and some sand.

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