About Our Club

We are an Ayrshire based club that encourages participation in all types of leisure and competitive cycling. We have a growing membership that is active in most types of on and off-road cycling, with runs and activities to suit most levels of experience.  So whether you’re a rock hopping mountain bike type, a mud-loving Cyclocrosser, a pocket rocket roadie or whether you’re just someone who likes riding a bike, Walkers Cycling Club prides itself on having something for you.

What We Get Up To

The club organises evening and weekend rides at a number of local venues.  Visit our club rides page to find more information on these and to identify the ones that would suit your level of ability and ambition.

Every so often club members venture further afield – to the 7 Stanes MTB Trails in the Scottish Borders for example, or to the even sunnier climes of Lanzarotte or the hilly climbs of the Alps.  Road racing, time trials and cyclo-cross are all on the programme too, with riders from beginners to elite level taking part in events the length and breadth of the country.

Social events are also a feature of Walkers Cycling Club life and we have regular off-piste activities. Munching a few miles on the bike followed by munching a few burgers at the club barbie?  What’s not to like?

Below is an idea of what the individual club sections do.  If you are interested, then look at the Club Rides menu to see when these take place.   If there’s anything you’d like to know about the club that isn’t covered on the site, please feel free to contact us through the email address in Contact Us.

Road Biking

Although we started as principally a mountain  biking club, Walkers CC has over the past few years developed a very active road section.  As you can see in our Club Rides section, the skinny tyred brigade covers all levels of ability from complete beginners to elite riders.  Ayrshire itself boasts some truly splendid cycle routes over a range of terrains and distances.  Our regular routes take us all over the county on rides which vary in length from a gentle 20 miles to a more substantial distance, and of course most of them feature a mandatory scone and coffee stop.

TT riding 

In addition to our regular club rides, we hold special club confined events, including our Time Trials series.  Held every month between April and October, the TT races area good way of gauging your abilities against other riders.  For those who are not so skilled in belting it along a road with one’s head down and one’s …erm… posterior up, the fear of humiliation is considerably removed  by the rather ingenious (and incomprehensible)  handicapping system which gives even the rawest road rookie a good chance of doing well.   We also take part in other clubs’ invitation TT events.

Mountain Biking

For many who swing their leg over a mountain bike, once they get the hang of it, as with anything, they want to see how good they are compared to others.  The best way to do this is usually by racing, either against others directly or against the clock.  Types of racing are constantly evolving, from 30 second downhill 4x  to all-day-all-night 24hr endurance marathons.   Several Walkers club members regularly put themselves through  their paces at the many events that happen throughout the year.

Scotland is heaven for mountain bike enthusiasts or beginners alike as there are a multitude of tracks and trails to explore.  A regualar haunt for Walkers members is  the 7 Stanes, in the Scottish borders which provides a purpose built playground for riders of almost any age or experience.   Local tracks and trails in Ayrshire include Dundonald Hill, Craufurdland Estate, Cairn Table and Misty Law, all of which are ridden regularly on club rides.

If fat tyres are your thing, whatever your level, please see our Club Rides section for details of when and where we meet. Club ride night is a Wednesday and there are regular weekend outings.


Cyclocross racing is a great grass-roots form of cycle sport.  Up to an hour’s racing – featuring short (5-10 minute) laps on surfaces comprising  a mixture of grass, mud, gravel, tarmac, oh and sometimes sand!.  Cyclocross is a great way to stay fit through the winter months and is an enjoyable way to get into racing in a low key environment.

Cyclocross bikes are a combination of road and hybrid bikes – drop handlebars, but with lower gearing and clearance for larger, grippier tyres.  They are very versatile, being fast on tarmac yet capable of covering rough terrain with ease. Often you will find riders using their cross bikes for commuting, touring and winter road use as well as ‘cross racing.

Walkers Cycling Club runs regular training rides for Cyclocross from August to December, catering for all abilities.  We also field some 10+ riders at every round of the Scottish Cyclocross Series.  Walkers Cycling Club also organises a round of the SCX Series every year at Irvine Beach Park – a course that features grass riding, a little bit of whin track and some mud.  Oh, and some sand.  Indeed 2018 saw the club being allocated a round of the prestigious SCX national trophy event – a venture that was so successful we have been asked to hold another round this coming year.

Easy Riding 

Walkers Cycling Club prides itself on its “something for everyone” approach, and this approach is very evident in the popularity of our easier riding section.

The section rides regularly on Thursday evenings from April to October with rides usually about 1½- 2hours in duration. They are conducted a reasonable pace (approximately 10-12mph) and follow relatively gentle routes of around 16 miles, mostly starting from and returning to Walkers shop in Kimaurs.  Please note that in Ayrshire it is not really possible to have a totally flat route so there are usually some gentler “rolling” hills involved in Thursday rides.

The rides are suitable for the cyclist who has a good basic ability* and now wants to try club riding. They are also suitable for anyone who is returning to cycling after a while;  or indeed for anyone who simply wants to have a more leisurely and social ride at the end of a day.  Most bikes are suitable as long as they have the requisite number of wheels and a set of working brakes, and it is not uncommon to find a couple of tandems featuring on a Thursday night.  As the rides are on roads, an MTB on fully knobbly tyres may not be the best choice if it can be avoided.  Please note that these are not “led” rides as you would get on for example a Sky Ride. Although we adopt a “no-one gets left behind” approach, riders participate at their own risk.

The section also occasionally embarks on Saturday “trekking” rides and these can be anything from a road ride to an entirely off-road jaunt to the hills.  Although the rides can be a bit more technical than the Thursday ones, the emphasis is still on going at an easy pace and enjoying the sights of the route.  Typical examples would be a mountain bike ride in the hills above the Toward Peninsula in Argyll, a road ride round Loch Katrine or a hybrid route through the Whitelea windfarm.   Sandwiches for lunch and a coffee stop are usually the norm.

Helmets are mandatory  on all club rides and you are advised to have lights at all times.

  •  a good basic ability would include the ability to use gears and brakes correctly,  the ability to ride confidently on a public road and  an awareness of other riders.  An understanding of the Highway Code would also be desirable.