MTBing at Walkers CC

Mountain Biking has been around for a while.  The first ride that was differentiated from ‘rough stuff’ or cyclocross developed from forays into bigger tyres and smaller stronger wheels  in the 70s. Things progressed rapidly through the 80s and 90s with primitive suspension systems allowing riders to venture onto more technical terrain.  The early noughties brought disc brakes  developed for an extreme group of bikers called ‘downhillers’ whose obsession is  adrenaline-filled purely downhill racing.  Suspension developments allowed the courses to develop in technicality, motocross-style disc brakes allowed them to slow down enough to corner.  Gradually these changes filtered down to less extreme forms of off road riding that had been developing its own set of rules, with a racing scene providing a spectrum of riders from Cross Country World Champions to Weekend Warriors.

For many who swing their leg over a mountain bike, once they get the hang of it, as with anything, they want to see how good they are compared to others.  The best way to do this is usually by racing, either against others directly or against the clock.  Types of racing are constantly evolving, from 30 second downhill 4x  to all-day-all-night 24hr endurance marathons.   Several Walkers club members regularly put themselves through  their paces at the many events that happen throughout the year.

Scotland is heaven for mountain bike enthusiasts or beginners alike as there are a multitude of tracks and trails to explore.  A regualr haunt for Walkers members is  the 7Stanes, in the Scottish borders which provides a purpose built playground for riders of almost any age or experience.   Local tracks and trails in Ayrshire include Dundonald Hill, Craufurdland Estate, Cairn Table and Misty Law, all of which are ridden regularly on club rides.

If fat tyres are your thing, whatever your level, please see our Club Rides section for details of when and where we meet. Club ride night is a Wednesday and there are regular weekend outings.  A group occasionally head off somewhere on a Friday if they can get the time off work – therein lying the reason why we often refer to them as the “Friday Slackers”.

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