Road biking at Walkers CC

Although we started as principally a mountain  biking club, Walkers CC has over the past few years developed a very active road section.  As you can see in our Club Rides section, the skinny tyred brigade covers all levels of ability from complete beginners to elite riders.  Ayrshire itself boasts some truly splendid cycle routes over a range of terrains and distances.  Our regular routes take us all over the county on rides which vary in length from a gentle 20 miles to a more substantial distance, and of course most of them feature a mandatory scone and coffee stop.

A full outline of the different levels of road rides can be found in the Club Rides section, also in the About menu.

Special Events

In addition to our regular club rides, we hold special club confined events, including our Time Trials series.  Held every month between April and October, the TT races area good way of gauging your abilities against other riders.  For those who are not so skilled in belting it along a road with one’s head down and one’s …erm… posterior up, the fear of humiliation is considerably removed  by the rather ingenious (and incomprehensible)  handicapping system which gives even the rawest road rookie a good chance of doing well.   We also take part in other clubs’ invitation TT events.

Trips and Tours

From time to time groups of members get together to go for cycling breaks and tours.  Memorable events include the LEJOG tour in 2010 and trips to Lanzarotte in both 2010 and 2011.  Several members are heading off to the Alps later this year for a week of pitting their skills and wits against routes ridden by the professionals. So despite the tyres being skinny, the road section at Walkers CC certainly has a broad base.

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