Club rides – days and times

All year round:
Saturday Road Ride  Start 10.00am at the Rendezvous Café on Kilmaurs Main Street.  This is predominantly a social ride with a café stop. Riders should be able to maintain 14mph+. Distance 20-50 miles depending on various factors. Don’t forget money for the café.

Summer rides (dates tba):
Wednesday MTB Rides
Start 7.30pm, various locations – check facebook group or email  for details. Duration 1.5 – 2hrs typically. For mountain bikers of all abilities. No rider will be left alone at the back. Group regularly stops to reform after fast or hilly sections. Try to have your bike in good condition to avoid unnecessary mechanical stops. Know how to change a puncture, but help is always at hand. Thank drivers or pedestrians who give way to you and close gates behind the group. Be nice to the leaders as they are the only ones not lost (hopefully!).

Thursday Easier Paced Ride for those preferring a more leisurely ride   Start 7.30pm, usually from the Rendezvous, Kilmaurs although this may change from time to time. The aim is to have a group of cyclists out on an easier-paced run of around 15 miles every week.  The group would be expected to stay together as much as experience permits but you would not be expected to ride in the faster group riding formations.  The average speed for this group is usually around 12mph depending on the route, but the option exists for the group to split into two if there are sufficient numbers and a clear disparity in ability between the slower and faster participants. This would be decided by consensus of all taking part. Lights are essential on all rides at either end of the season. Routes will vary in length but riders can expect to be back at the start location no later than 9.30pm.

The rides are suitable for the cyclist who has a good basic ability, which would include the ability to use gears and brakes correctly,  the ability to ride confidently on a public road and  an awareness of other riders.  Please note that these are not “led” rides as you would get on for example a Sky Ride. Although we adopt a “no-one gets left behind” approach, riders participate at their own risk.

These rides are not suitable for beginners. 

Please note:

Details of rides or changes to start points are posted usually on a weekly basis on the club facebook group.  

All fitness levels are catered for but riders must be competent cyclists.

Please come dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and with your bike in good working order. Riders must wear a helmet and be self-sufficient – carrying at least one spare tube, tyre levers, inflator, a mobile phone, personal ID (preferably with details of any medical conditions and regular medication) and contact details. Please Note: good lights are required on all evening rides. It is recommended that riders also carry an emergency light set (front & rear LED), tube patching kit and a mini-tool for minor repairs.