Round 1

9 brave souls made it out for the first of the handicap TT series. A storming ride by Bryce Gillan to the fastest time (maybe the shorts made all the difference!), and Brian Mccutcheon for an outstanding 2nd fastest time, and the win on handicap!

Actual Times

Bryce Gillan 00:08:53
Brian McCutcheon 00:09:22
Ian Anderson 00:09:23
Alan Gaskin 00:09:30
Davie Robb 00:09:59
Jim Goldie 00:10:02
Lorna Sloan 00:10:17
Lorna Todd 00:10:22
Chris Hardy 00:11:35

Times on Handicap

Brian McCutcheon 00:07:32
Jim Goldie 00:07:42
Davie Robb 00:07:59
Alan Gaskin 00:08:00
Lorna Sloan 00:08:07
Lorna Todd 00:08:12
Bryce Gillan 00:08:13
Ian Anderson 00:08:43
Chris Hardy 00:08:55