Round 2

A chilly and breezy night for time trialling, but 13 starters (12 finishers due to a puncture!) for the 2nd Walkers Cycling Club Time Trial on the “Sporting” Chapeltoun 10 Mile TT course.
David Baird was fastest of the day, storming to a fantastic 23.10, which might well be the club course record! Club Chairman Frazer Bell put in a great ride with a PB of 25.15 for 2nd place.

Actual Times
David Baird 00:23:10
Frazer Bell 00:25:15
Bryce Gillan 00:25:52
Calum Ridout 00:26:07
Brian McCutheon 00:27:25
Davie Robb 00:27:31
Sandy Muir 00:27:34
Lorna Sloan 00:27:41
Midge Gaskin 00:27:41
Simon Porter 00:27:47
Lorna Todd 00:27:54
Kevin Gebbie 00:28:55

However, it was the ladies who were triumphant on handicap, with Lorna Sloan pipping Lorna Todd to the win, closely followed by Davie Robb.

Lorna Sloan 00:21:11
Lorna Todd 00:21:24
Davie Robb 00:21:31
Calum Ridout 00:21:37
Frazer Bell 00:21:45
Brian McCutheon 00:21:55
Sandy Muir 00:22:04
David Baird 00:22:10
Simon Porter 00:22:47
Kevin Gebbie 00:22:55
Midge Gaskin 00:23:11
Bryce Gillan 00:23:52


Davie Robb and Lorna Sloan are now tied at the top of the leaderboard on points, closely followed by Brian McCutcheon and Lorna Todd.

Davie Robb 80
Lorna Sloan 80
Brian McCutcheon 78
Lorna Todd 73
Alan Gaskin 54
Jim Goldie 45
Bryce Gillan 44
Calum Ridout 35
Frazer Bell 30
Sandy Muir 26
Ian Anderson 24
Davie Baird 24
Chris Hardy 22
Simon Porter 22
Kevin Gebbie 20