Round 3

A top effort from everyone who battled the hills and potholes of the Corraith TT route tonight. A few debutants, and some riders out of their favoured terrain turned the timesheets, and the overall points table on their heads at the halfway point.
Scott Kerr showed everyone a clean pair of wheels on his local roads, from the stick-insect-like Alan Gaskin!
Scott Kerr 00:17:37
Alan Gaskin 00:17:49
Calum Ridout 00:18:08
Brian McCutcheon 00:19:02
Frazer Bell 00:19:08
Jim Goldie 00:19:16
Lorna Todd 00:19:24
Davie Robb 00:19:58
Harry McGarvie 00:20:00
Bill Gerrie 00:20:56
Cammy McGarvie 00:23:03

Once the mysterious handicap filter had been applied, the six minute spread of times shrank to two, and Jim Goldie came out on top by a mere 3 seconds from Alan Gaskin, closely followed by Harrie McGarvie.
Jim Goldie 00:15:04
Alan Gaskin 00:15:07
Harry McGarvie 00:15:12
Calum Ridout 00:15:26
Lorna Todd 00:15:30
Brian McCutcheon 00:15:44
Scott Kerr 00:15:49
Bill Gerrie 00:16:08
Davie Robb 00:16:22
Cammy McGarvie 00:16:27
Frazer Bell 00:17:02

At the halfway point in the series, Brian McCutcheon, Lorna Todd and Davie Robb are split by the smallest of margins, but it is Jim Goldie who looks in the strongest position, just a few points behind them, but with only 2 races to his name so far!
Brian McCutcheon 106
Lorna Todd 103
Davie Robb 102
Alan Gaskin 99
Jim Goldie 95
Lorna Sloan 80
Calum Ridout 70
Frazer Bell 49
Bryce Gillan 44
Harry McGarvie 40
Sandy Muir 26
Scott Kerr 26
Ian Anderson 24
Davie Baird 24
Bill Gerrie 24
Chris Hardy 22
Simon Porter 22
Kevin Gebbie 20
Cammy McGarvie 20

Next up is a long test, over the 16 miles of the course used for the British Time Trial Championships in Stewarton.