Round 4

On a perfect night, Ian Anderson made up for the disappointment of the cancellation of the Scottish 25 Mile Championships by smashing an outstanding lap of the 2013 British Time Trial Championships Course, beating the competition by over 2 minutes! Ian covered the rolling 16 miles in 36.42 (over 26mph), showing he would have smashed the magic 1 hour barrier!
David Baird put in an impressive ride on his road bike, as one of 4 riders to beat the 40 minute mark.
Ian Anderson 00:36:42
Bryce Gillan 00:38:57
David Baird 00:39:11
Frazer Bell 00:39:35
Martin Shields 00:40:13
Simon Porter 00:41:13
Jim Goldie 00:41:43
Lorna Todd 00:42:02
Midge Gaskin 00:42:08
David Robb 00:42:11
Simon Reynolds 00:45:03

On Handicap the winner was Lorna Todd, who is also in great form, winning 3 Scottish Triathlon Championship medals in the past few weeks. Lorna just pipped mountainbiker Simon Reynolds and Davie Robb. Lorna now leads Jim Goldie by a mere 3 points, with Davie only a handful of points behind.
Times on Handicap

Lorna Todd 00:31:38
Simon Reynolds 00:32:15
David Robb 00:32:35
Simon Porter 00:33:13
Ian Anderson 00:33:30
Martin Shields 00:33:49
Frazer Bell 00:33:59
Midge Gaskin 00:34:56
Bryce Gillan 00:35:45
David Baird 00:37:35

Lorna Todd 148
Jim Goldie 145
Davie Robb 137
Alan Gaskin 121
Brian McCutcheon 106
Lorna Sloan 80
Frazer Bell 73
Calum Ridout 70
Bryce Gillan 64
Ian Anderson 52
Simon Porter 52
Davie Baird 43
Harry McGarvie 40
Simon Reynolds 40
Sandy Muir 26
Scott Kerr 26
Martin Shields 26
Bill Gerrie 24
Chris Hardy 22
Kevin Gebbie 20
Cammy McGarvie 20

The series continues in August with a re-run of the Chapeltoun 10, followed by the feared Darvel Mast Hill Climb in September.