Round 6

Given the awful weather, a surprising 7 riders turned up to take on the Darvel Mast Hillclimb, tackling steep slopes on manure soaked roads. Alan Gaskin showed everyone how it is done to take the win on both actual and handicap times, whilst Simon Porter showed what a couple of trips to Majorca can do for your climbing! MTBers Simon Reynolds and Alan Murray acquitted themselves well, and enjoyed not having to take the more direct route up the concrete road!!!!
Despite missing tonight’s round, Jim Goldie had an unassailable lead in the overall competition, and took the title from Lorna Todd and Alan Gaskin.

A big thanks to Ian Anderson and Fiona Walker for assisting tonight, and to everyone who has helped out and raced this year!

Actual Times
Alan Gaskin 00:09:35
Simon Porter 00:10:18
Brian McCutcheon 00:10:41
Lorna Todd 00:10:43
Simon Reynolds 00:11:00
Alan Murray 00:11:14
Frazer Bell 00:11:58

Times on Handicap
Alan Gaskin 00:07:47
Simon Reynolds 00:07:48
Lorna Todd 00:08:07
Simon Porter 00:08:18
Brian McCutcheon 00:08:29
Alan Murray 00:08:46
Frazer Bell 00:10:34

Final Overall Points (Best 4 counting scores)
Jim Goldie 195
Lorna Todd 175
Alan Gaskin 152
Davie Robb 137
Brian McCutcheon 136
Simon Porter 122
Frazer Bell 120
Lorna Sloan 110
Simon Reynolds 85
Ian Anderson 78
Calum Ridout 70
Bryce Gillan 64
Davie Baird 43
Harry McGarvie 40
Tim Dyer 28
Alan Murray 28
Sandy Muir 26
Scott Kerr 26
Martin Shields 26
Bill Gerrie 24
Henry Peterkin 24
Chris Hardy 22
Kevin Gebbie 20
Cammy McGarvie 20