Round 4 – A77

The longest TT of the series was held on the A77, racing from the Galston Road to Newton Mearns and back. Just enough wind to keep the midges at bay, and just warm enough for shorts! 10 riders, plus a two up TT took to the course. Fiona & Rachel smashed their 1 hour target for the 16 mile course. Ian Anderson took the win on overall time, but an impressive ride by Darren Ridout saw him take maximum points on handicap. It currently looks like a two horse race between Ian and Chris Shields for the overall, but Davie Robb, Midge Gaskin and Darren Ridout are very much in the frame when the best three results so far are taken into account!

Actual Times
Ian Anderson 00:36:29
Frazer Bell 00:38:13
Chris Shields 00:40:23
Lorna Todd 00:40:54
Davie Robb 00:40:59
Darren Ridout 00:41:57
Brian McCutcheon 00:42:02
Laura McFarlane 00:45:06
David Kaminski 00:46:30
John Lumley 00:46:46

Fiona/Rachel 00:53:56

Times on Handicap
Darren Ridout 00:32:57
Lorna Todd 00:33:24
Davie Robb 00:33:29
Chris Shields 00:33:38
Brian McCutcheon 00:33:47
Iain Anderson 00:34:14
Frazer Bell 00:34:28
Laura McFarlane 00:34:36
John Lumley 00:34:46
David Kaminski 00:37:30

Points After 4 Rounds
Chris Shields 135
Ian Anderson 133
Davie Robb 88
Midge Gaskin 85
Darren Ridout 83
Laura McFarlane 80
David Kaminski 79
Rebecca Murdoch 78
Russell Mowat 76
Brian McCutcheon 73
Marc Auchie 71
Frazer Bell 70
Lorna Todd 65
Simon Porter 62
Craig Mitchell 58
David Hamilton 57
Iain McAlindon 40
Matt Brown 39
Calum Ridout 24
John Lumley 22
Brian Kerr 20
Chris Hardy 19
Fiona Wallace 14
Stuart McLean 12
Alan Murray 10
Barry Garner 7
Harry McGarvie 6
John O’Donnell 5