Club TT Series 2015

From Walkers resident  Time Trial Guru, Neil Walker:

All events are on Tuesday Evenings. Given the light constraints, we will again meet AT THE START OF EACH TT COURSE at 7.30pm, so if folks are riding out from the shop, meet at 7.00pm

This year I’ve put in two bashes at the Chapeltoun 10 course, so everyone can have a shot at improving their times, and a new hillclimb for the end of the series.

3rd March – Marine Drive (3.5 miles)
7th April – Chapeltoun (10 miles)
5th May – A77/Clunch Circuit (16 miles)
2nd June – Custraw Road (3 miles)
4th August – Chapeltoun (10 miles)
1st September – Darvel Mast (2 miles)

Meeting points will be posted closer to the events, and handicapping will once again be based on previous club TT series results/educated guesses/witchcraft.  Any complaints about handicapping should be sent to

All club members are very welcome to come and have a go, each one is a great fun event, and a chance to test your fitness!

The series will operate on a handicap basis again, the rules of which will remain a mystery to everyone but me, and are aimed at rewarding improving riders!

Some additional rules as per British Cycling:

– Maximum 25 riders per event (we are unlikely to go above this)
– Riders must be members of Walkers Cycling Club (we can include new riders who are not a member of any other cycling club)
– Where riders are members of British Cycling, Walkers Cycling Club must be their 1st claim club (appear 1st on their membership card)
– Where riders are not members of British Cycling, they must be members of Walkers Cycling Club exclusively
– Riders can only participate in one club’s confined TTs in a calendar year