Round One – Marine Drive

Despite strong winds, and regular wintry showers, there was a strong turnout for the first of the 2015 TT Series at Marine Drive. The wind proved difficult throughout entire circuit, with no noticeable tailwind! Pusher-off Andy Mitchell, and timekeepers Bill Gerrie & Colin Davis did a grand job – big thanks to them. Defending Champion Frazer Bell showed that he is making good progress, recording the 3rd fastest time on the night, and just pipping Ian Anderson to first place on handicap times.
Result on Handicap
Frazer Bell 00:07:11
Ian Anderson 00:07:21
Craig Mitchell 00:07:25
Alan Waddington 00:07:26
Jim Goldie 00:07:29
Bryce Gillan 00:07:33
Alan Gaskin 00:07:40
Alyn Aitchison 00:07:51
David Kaminski 00:07:56
Jordan Lyon 00:07:59
Ian McAlindon 00:08:02
David McLaughlin 00:08:05
Barry Garner 00:08:23
Brian McCutcheon 00:08:25
Neil Walker 00:08:43
Actual Times
Ian Anderson 00:08:17
Bryce Gillan 00:08:29
Frazer Bell 00:08:40
Neil Walker 00:09:16
Alan Gaskin 00:09:20
Jim Goldie 00:09:42
Jordan Lyon 00:09:50
David Kaminski 00:09:58
Ian McAlindon 00:10:15
Craig Mitchell 00:10:23
Alan Waddington 00:10:24
Alyn Aitchison 00:10:49
David McLaughlin 00:11:03