Round Four – Cutstraw

Despite the winter conditions, 11 brave souls turned up to take advantage of a gale force tailwind up the Cutstraw Road in Stewarton for the 4th round of the Walkers Cycling Club Handicap TT Series. PB’s were also assisted by Neil’s hazy memory of where the actual finish line was……
Scott Kerr smashed the climbs of the course to win by a handsome margin, with Ian McAlindon, Ciaran Kirkpatrick and Alan Gaksin separated by only a handful of seconds. Ian also won on handicap to further extend his series lead, with Brian McCutcheon, Alan Waddington and Frazer Bell closely matched behind him.
After a wee summer break, the series concludes with another 10 mile TT on the Chapeltoun course in August, and the Darvel Mast Hill Climb in September.
Actual Times
Scott Kerr 00:08:48
Ian McAlindon 00:08:57
Ciaran Kirkpatrick 00:08:58
Alan Gaskin 00:09:01
Frazer Bell 00:09:36
Jim Goldie 00:09:38
Brian McCutcheon 00:09:56
Joe Docherty 00:09:57
David Kaminski 00:10:53
Alan Waddington 00:11:33
Jim Raeside 00:11:47

Times on Handicap
Ian McAlindon 00:06:44
Brian McCutcheon 00:06:58
Ciaran Kirkpatrick 00:07:07
Alan Gaskin 00:07:21
Jim Goldie 00:07:25
Scott Kerr 00:07:36
Joe Docherty 00:07:44
Frazer Bell 00:08:07
Jim Raeside 00:08:27
Alan Waddington 00:08:35
David Kaminski 00:08:51

Points Table
Ian McAlindon 154
Brian McCutcheon 125
Alan Waddington 118
Frazer Bell 114
David Baird 95
Ian Anderson 95
Jim Goldie 88
David Kaminski 87
Alan Gaskin 85
Calum Ridout 54
Tim Dyer 50
Neil Walker 45
Craig Mitchell 40
Ciaran Kirkpatrick 40
David McLaughlin 34
Bryce Gillan 28
Scott Kerr 28
Lorna Sloan 26
Joe Doherty 26
Alyn Aitchison 24
Jim Raeside 22
Jordan Lyon 20
Bill Gerrie 20
Fiona Walker 20
Simon Porter 18
Sandy Muir 17
Barry Garner 17
Andy Mitchell 10
Colin Davis 10
John Walker 10