New Kit for 2017

Chairman Miaow has done a great job on sitting on his bahookie for ten days designing our new club kit.   The decision was taken at the AGM that clothing should not carry sponsors’ logos. The idea behind this is that we can cut down on the frequency with which we have to change club kit to accommodate sponsor logo changes -something that has long been an irritation among the membership.

Here is a preview of the new kit. Bear in mind that these are artists proofs and the orange is a fair bit more, erm, orangey than it looks in the images.

Frazer has also asked for a load of samples to be sent up in the next week or so, to allow members to try stuff on for size. Watch this space for details of when that will happen.

As is now usual, ordering will be done through the Club webshop. Details of the opening window to follow.

I love it. Even if it does make me want to go and eat a whole box of jaffa cakes.